Optimum Electronic Solutions are an authorised service centre in Melbourne for various major brands such as Samsung, Hisense, Pioneer, Philips, TCL and more. We offer high-quality and dedicated TV repairs through our mobile and workshop solutions.

Within the electronics industry many major manufacturers recommend that all servicing and repair be completed by an authorised TV repair agent. Use of an unauthorised service agent for your television repair may void your warranty. Optimum Electronic Solutions are a trusted source for your TV repairs in Melbourne.

Common issues which can often be resolved through our dedicated television repairs include:

  • No picture
  • No sound
  • Broken screen
  • Part picture

As well as generalised television repairs, we can also repair more complex issues. We stock genuine spare parts and can readily replace any malfunctioning internal parts.

Each brand is unique in their parts, manufacturing and design, leading to a need in comprehensive understanding of individual brands. We saw a demand for specialised and comprehensive services in this technology sector and aim to fill that gap in the market. At Optimum Electronic Solutions we have extensive, in-depth knowledge about TV repairs and can provide an appropriate solution for you either through our mobile van service or in our service centre in Melbourne.

Our television repairs are of the highest quality. We have well-trained experienced staff with unbeatable knowledge in the area of television repairs. Optimum Electronic Solutions provide prompt service and superior customer service. Our mobile solutions offer a fantastic alternative to you trying to transport your television to our service centre in Melbourne. We can easily carry out many minor or major television repairs in your home. If we cannot resolve the issue immediately onsite our large vans are capable of transporting your products to our workshop where we can further investigate the issue.

If you are in need of a TV repair in Melbourne and authorised service agent is the best choice for completing a warranty compliant and trusted repair service. Optimum Electronic Solutions are partnered with many major electronics manufacturers and are trusted with television repairs.

Contact us today on 1300 859 848 or to find out more about our television repairs and our service centre in Melbourne.